London based graphic designer with over seven years experience. My clients span everything from global brands like Acer and West Ham United football club, to charity work with institutions such as Wilton's Music Hall and local groups like Let's Go Mental Health Support Group to the smallest independents and start ups. I have been featured in the Guardian's 'Beautiful Games' Column as well as in art shops such as LMNOP in Brighton. 

As a young teenager I discovered my passion for creating art through music, a habit I carry on proudly almost 20 years later. This avenue of work has seen my designs and illustrations travel all over the world with bands on tour, in venues and record shops. There's nothing quite like being approached by people to do work because you made the cover to their favourite record, or they went to a show you made the poster for. Music has given me so many opportunities in life, but most of all with creative projects as it has enabled me to try many new things from concept through to completion.

My approach is and always will be to push the boundaries of my abilities by trying new things. Learning and implementing a new skill gives me great pleasure and I try to do just that, no matter how big or small the improvement may turn out to be, with every project I take on. I am committed to providing all of my clients with work they would be proud to call their own. I never take on projects I have no interest in so you can rest assured that I care about making the best quality work possible for you. At every stage of the process I will keep you up to date on progress so you will always feel comfortable and know how things are going.